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* Economy system costs $1,000 per panel plus base install fee for a total of $15,000; but current government incentives in Iowa reduce this bill by 39%!! That's a final price of $9930. Great system costs $28,000, which is reduced to $17,860 after Iowa federal and state tax credits.

Estimated Savings

Solar power will save you money off your electricity bill every month by generating electricity right in your home. It is possible to significantly reduce your utility bill and receive substantial savings every single month for the life of your solar power system. Solar panels come with a warranty that ensures output for 25 years - they may last even longer than that.

Next Steps

An Iowa Solar professional will contact you and schedule a time to speak to one of our solar professionals in your home or at your business.

The exact output of your solar power system can be determined by various factors including the positioning of your solar panels facing the sun (on your south facing roof), shade and trees, and other factors. All quotes provided by the instant quote form are our best-guest estimates based only on the information provided, and may vary if there are other installation factors. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help you.